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At Bee Downtown, we install and maintain beehives on corporate campuses across the southeast while simultaneously providing year-round employee engagement and leadership development programming throughout the year for our partners. We believe cultivating great places to work starts by inviting employees to experience something bigger than the bottom line.

To be “Real Southern” means valuing hard work and understanding the beauty in taking something from seed to harvest. “Real Southern” is to have a deep respect for the Earth and to recognize the impact we can create by working together. Being “Real Southern” is showing kindness to everyone you come across, and inspiring them to become better environmental stewards each and every day.

Through the sales of the AMB beer Boone Creek Blonde proceeds go to building bee hives in urban settings. 

Artist Tommy Lee McGee Headshot

Tommy Lee McGee

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As an artist (Sir Tom Foolery) from the south I generally see myself as a creative bridge builder in my community. My creative approach, regardless of if it is a design for a beer, a logo for a farm, or a painting or mural, begins with a simple question “What is the flavor?” I believe each of the individual flavors can be woven into the collective “gumbo” and as an artist/designer I get the opportunity to create and “cook” it up! 

When an individual, business, or non-profit has an idea they need to have translated into a product and I get to convey their dreams to reality. I see it as a badge or honor to bring it to life. It is an incredibly rewarding job and mission to have.

Being born in South Florida, going to school in Atlanta, and living in the Western North Carolina mountains, I am a product of my southern influence and island (Bahamas) upbringing. My colors, and strokes are loud and proud, vibrant and energetic and deeply influenced by the beauty, harsh history, values and challenges of the south.

Real Southern or the Real South means “Taking the Time to Taste.” As we take the time to slow down enough to really listen, create, connect, and appreciate as much of the world around us, we learn to engage with it and add to it with our specific style and flavor. 

I see the world first as an artist, second as a black man, third as a Southerner and it is my pleasure to receive from and add to the Southern fabric to highlight its beauty and learn from its shortcomings while being a black man living in it.

Chris Capozzoli standing in his shop

Chris Capozzoli

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I am a one man shop in Sugar Grove NC and I started building guitars in highschool. I’m 41 years old now so that would mean I’ve been doing it for about 26 years. I truly love what I do. The entire guitar building process is extremely satisfying, all the way from day dreaming about my next build to picking out the wood and cutting, carving, sanding, to finishing the instrument. And when my customers receive their new guitar the excitement they express is just one of  the best feelings. I like using reclaimed materials to help preserve the world’s forests and to add unique character to my instruments. 

To me being real southern is to care about what I’m doing and to care about what others are doing. It’s to lend a helping hand to people in need.  To take time to understand and learn about someone who’s different than myself and to embrace those differences.  To be adaptable and change with the evolving world as we learn to better ourselves and our lives. To peacefully co-exist with our neighbors in harmony. And to lead by example! 

Southern Apple Harder Cider

Cider for All Y'all

Southern Apple, the newest addition to our cider line up is a classic Semi-Dry cider that brings you that fresh-picked right off of the orchard experience in a glass. Expertly crafted for southern nights, spent with good friends, and delicious food, Southern Apple Hard Cider truly is a cider for all of Y’all!